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6th-Apr-2007 09:42 pm(no subject)
5 April 2007: 'Is it your fault?' (Anole, Kaji)Collapse )

Rictor, Anole, and Kaji team up to fend off ketchup-throwing children in a food court! Except they really just sit and complain about it.
WARNING: Geology puns within!
26th-Mar-2007 02:04 am(no subject)
25 March 2007: 'No mayo, oh God, no mayo, please.' (Guido)Collapse )

In the midst of mayovision-induced boredom, Guido drops by Rictor's room. They talk computers, amateur seismology, and the beginnings of a brilliant prank. Look out, Drake!
26th-Mar-2007 01:52 am(no subject)
21 March 2007: 'Why don't people eat people?' (Cerene, Jafari, Stan)Collapse )

An encounter in the park between Ric, Cerene, Stan, and Jafari turns to several types of weird subject matter, not the least of which being cannibalism.
21st-Mar-2007 12:57 am(no subject)
19 March 2007: 'Quite simple. I'm perfect.' (Drake, Madrox, Monet)Collapse )

Monet St. Croix inflicts herself on X-Factor! Rictor is duly snarked. He also acquires a nickname.

Apparently there was sceneage with Guido and a bunch more stuff with Drake before I showed up. I have no idea if it was logged anywhere. But apparently Monet was scening for ten hours straight in this thing. That has to be some sort of record!
21st-Mar-2007 12:25 am - Revenge of the delinquent logposter!
16 March 2007: 'Mayo. On the TV.' (Drake, Guido, Kaji, Lorna, Madrox, Theresa)Collapse )

Kaji stalks Rictor and Drake down the street. He speaks of X-Factor, and X-Factor doth come!

17 March 2007: 'Everybody's looking at us.' (Kaji, Hollow, Tabby, Torque, Zoe)Collapse )

Rictor and Tabby bring a heavy dose of silly through a tenser situation in Central Park.
The first part of the log, before they showed up, is likely posted elsewhere.
This is what my RP looks like at 3 AM. Be warned.
When I am at home, in my apartment, and not on campus, I have The Worst Internet Connection In The World. It is fickle. It is moody. At times, it seems to be downright malicious. It seems to enjoy disconnecting me right after I ask for RP, or right after I've set a scene.
I know many of you have experienced this problem of mine. I'm very sorry about it! But for those of you who have not and may end up RPing with me (or, heck, for those who have already dealt with it), if I randomly disconnect in the middle of a scene and don't show back up immediately, it is not because I hate you or am bored with the scene or anything such. It's simply because I cannot get back online. When this happens, I do not just abandon the computer, either -- I will stay there and click things and growl at it until it works.

So! I probably should have posted this disclaimer when I first joined the game, but like the matter of actually signing up for better service than what I have, I've kept putting it off for things like RP. And homework, that too...
14th-Mar-2007 09:28 am(no subject)
12 March, 2007: 'No... but ... he touched the wall so it has cooties now.' (Anole, Cerene)Collapse )

Rictor has to play the "responsible adult" in a childish argument between Anole and Cerene. There's something just a little weird about that. Even though his manner of "babysitting" still involves earthquakes.
11th-Mar-2007 01:03 pm(no subject)
10 March 2007: 'Ye two... Ach. I can't stand ye.' (Tabby, Theresa)Collapse )

Tabitha and Rictor hit Theresa with the prank of the century!
Well, maybe not the century. Considering Tabitha, more like the month.
Ahh, happy reunions!
11th-Mar-2007 12:32 pm(no subject)
26 February 2007: 'Maybe my money will turn him green, too!' (Anole, Drake, Kaji, Lorna)Collapse )

Rictor snarks down a waiter for being discriminatory against Anole. They talk about the gourmet qualities of insects for a while. Then Lorna and Drake show up, and Drake decides to more violently tell the waiter how he feels about the situation. Then Kaji shows up. And then my connection went completely insane. The scene is unfinished, but considering it was two weeks ago and getting the whole group together to finish it would be next to impossible (and we did try!), here it is.

1 March 2007: 'Bullshit you were moving slow!' (Psyche, Stan)Collapse )

Psyche has a major cow about Stan's speed in Central Park. Rictor gets caught up between the two.
27th-Feb-2007 06:28 pm - I am a delinquent logposter.
18 February 2007: 'You afraid of my place?' (Cerene)Collapse )

Rictor runs into Cerene again while on a job run in Clinton. She tries to appropriate the CD associated with that job run. Tsk!

24 February 2007: 'My dad freaked out and decided campus security was a joke, and had me moved to Poshland this weekend.' (Mariska)Collapse )

Mariska figures Rictor is as good of a person as any to which to show off her swanky new apartment.
14th-Feb-2007 08:06 pm(no subject)
14 February 2007: 'Obviously, you underestimate my powers.' (Abigail, Avalanche, Drake)Collapse )

Rictor and Drake catch Avalanche in the act of trying to steal a hot dog, and Abigail shows up a little later to take part in the fun. The scene quickly escalates into an amount of violence that's pretty extraordinarily exaggerated just over a hot dog. There are plenty of earthquakes, for one thing. There's also abysmal weather, but that was there before they started.
13th-Feb-2007 11:38 pm(no subject)
13 February 2007: 'You'd be surprised how far politeness goes with dangerous people.' (Mariska)Collapse )

Rictor very nearly trips over Mariska and her wheelchair in Central Park. They proceed to have a lengthy conversation involving Machiavelli, languages, and appropriate degrees of politeness in dealing with dangerous people.
12th-Feb-2007 01:56 am(no subject)
11 February 2007: '/Light/ moves. Rocks sit.' (Jackson)Collapse )

Rictor and Jackson meet again! It is significantly less full of danger this time. Ric gets the explanation for the last bit of explodiness, is admonished by Jax for not wearing normal gloves in the dead of winter, and explains - hopefully not too ominously - that the ground does not always stand still.

In the new X-Factor, Rictor really does wear these stupid fingerless gloves when it's obviously winter, as evidenced by the fact that the artist drew the steam of Ric's breath (see userpic!). I have no idea why the cold hasn't gotten to him enough to change that.
11th-Feb-2007 12:47 am(no subject)
10 February 2007: 'You're upset I used the word F-word?' (Cerene)Collapse )

Rictor and Cerene discuss what it is to be seen as good or evil. Ric disapproves of situations that cause small children to use the F-word. He also avoids having to do the Hokey Pokey.
9th-Feb-2007 04:20 pm - Whole lotta shakin' goin' on...
9 February 2007: 'Oh-hoh, so there /are/ more with my gift.' (Avalanche)Collapse )

Rictor runs into Avalanche in Central Park. It is by no means not disastrous, but at the same time, it is far less disastrous than it could have been.
4th-Feb-2007 09:18 pm(no subject)
4 February 2007: 'Please leave. I will hurt you.' (Foxtrot, Protean)Collapse )

Rictor and Protean attempt to stop Foxtrot from robbing a gun store. They are armed with only mutant powers, not even knives.
1st-Feb-2007 02:37 pm(no subject)
31 January 2007: He doesn't even know what San Francisco is. It's a kind of salad, right? (Jackson, Sunshine)Collapse )

Sunshine and Jackson watch Rictor be bad at video games at the big Virgin Records store. This comes to a discussion of things being exploded, and ultimately leads to some things being exploded.
30th-Jan-2007 10:46 pm(no subject)
29 January 2007: 'The ah, monkey's a new addition...' (Madrox)Collapse )

Rictor continues to run into people he knows from years past. This time, it's Madrox, with monkey in tow! They joke, reminisce a little, and Madrox persuades Ric to end his self-imposed time off of work a little early.
26th-Jan-2007 08:51 pm(no subject)
25 January 2007: 'It is no normal deposit of sugared items.' (Garrett, Krysta, Severen)Collapse )

Rictor, Garrett, Krysta, and Severen suddenly find themselves in a cosmic game of Candyland. Krysta seems to think that eating the candy on the ground is a good idea, but Rictor does not agree.

I also have two more serious unfinished scenes floating around. They will hopefully be finished soon!
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